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The View From Here is a California-based multimedia documentary series that explores the stories of people responding to challenges in their lives and to the challenges of our times. The View from Here combines solid journalism with sound-rich production to tell vivid, first-person stories. Read our Mission and Code.
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Hidden Hunger

Airs December 5, 2014

In a region known for agricultural abundance, we look at our neighborhoods but don’t see the people who are hungry. Hidden Hunger tells the personal stories of those in our community coping with and working to alleviate food insecurity.

Who Cares

If you're not a caregiver now there's a good chance you'll become one, joining millions of others who make up what is often called the backbone of our long-term health care system. But who cares for family caregivers? How do they care for themselves?

Original air date: May 09, 2014 

Class Dismissed

One out of four adults in California is a high school dropout. Class Dismissed takes an up-close look at the crisis through the lives of four young people from the Central Valley. The stories reveal what’s at stake for their future and ours.

Original air date: Sep 20, 2013 

Autism Grows Up

Twenty years after a sharp rise in autism rates, thousands of California children are aging out of special education. Each one enters adulthood with a unique combination of social deficits that promises a challenging life, even with support.

Original air date: Mar 01, 2013 

What's for Lunch?

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act mandates school meals with more fruits and whole grains, while reducing sodium and fat. Sacramento area schools are creating new menus, juggling budgets and cooking up ways to convince kids to eat their vegetables.

Original air date: Aug 24, 2012 

An Ounce of Prevention

Every dollar spent on prevention today could save five dollars in future health care costs. Community health innovators in California and Mexico apply strategies and technologies to help people become more resilient and require less medical care.

Original air date: Apr 06, 2012 

Dealing With Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is hitting hardest in communities of color, where access to health care and healthy choices can be limited by income, education and geography. Across California, culturally-based approaches are lengthening and saving lives.

Original air date: Nov 18, 2011 

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