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Bobby Patterson's 'Got More Soul,' Heart And Spirit
Soul singer Bobby Patterson got his start in the 1960s, and he's still singing. At 70 he's put out a new album, "I Got More Soul." NPR's Scott Simon talks to Patterson about the album.

'Back Channel' Turns Up White House Intrigue
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Stephen L. Carter about his new novel, Back Channel. It's a political thriller set during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

If All The Ice Melts, What Happens To Hockey?
A report from the National Hockey League says climate change could threaten the sport's future. NPR's Scott Simon talks to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman about the league's sustainability plan.

NFL Faces Criticism Over Ray Rice Suspension From Ravens
It was a controversial week for the National Football League. Bloomberg's Kavitha Davidson brings NPR's Scott Simon up to date.

Bel Kaufman Took Us 'Up The Down Staircase'
Bel Kaufman was a public school teacher who revealed what the New York public schools were really like. She died Friday, in Manhattan, at the age of 103. NPR's Scott Simon has this remembrance.

One Teacher's Latest Lesson Plan: Help The Homeless
Thomas Rebman is a teacher, but for his summer vacation he's spending 30 days homeless on the streets of Orlando. NPR's Scott Simon catches up with him as he raises awareness about homelessness.

Citizen Evidence Lab Separates Truth From Fiction In Viral Videos
When a grainy video of human rights abuse goes viral, how do you know it's real? NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Christoph Koettl, of the Citizen Evidence Lab, which helps users verify videos and photos.

A Closer Look At A World In Crisis
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, about the confluence of global crises taking place around the world.

Israel And Hamas Pause While Kerry Negotiates In Paris
NPR's Emily Harris reports from Gaza, where a temporary ceasefire is in effect.

Lover's Letters To President Harding Pushed German Cause
Newly-released love letters from President Warren Harding to his mistress make some wonder whether she was trying to influence foreign policy. NPR's Scott Simon talks to historian Jim Robenalt.

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