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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

S10 E3: Sacramento Divided

Sacramento promotes that it’s more integrated than many other major cities across the country, but it’s actually more segregated than you might think. This is the third episode of the The View From Here, Place and Privilege podcast.


Sacramento is known for being among the most racially integrated cities in the country. But as reporter Cosmo Garvin explains, it’s actually more segregated than you might think. In Episode 3 of The View From Here: Place and Privilege, Garvin talks with local housing advocates and historians about how segregation is measured and how it affects economic opportunity and education for some groups. He explores current plans for creating more inclusive communities, including a regulation enacted in 2015 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that requires recipients of federal housing funds — including Sacramento — to show they are tracking residential segregation and finding ways to address it.


Music by: PRVLGS

Sacramento redlining map courtesy T-RACES

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