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Friday, September 20, 2013 Permalink

Class Dismissed

One out of four adults in California is a high school dropout. Class Dismissed takes an up-close look at the crisis through the lives of four young people from the Central Valley. The stories reveal what’s at stake for their future and ours.


  • No Regrets, Just Keep It Moving

    Julia Mitric

    Unyque Jackson became pregnant in her senior year of high school. But, she didn’t see that as a reason to drop out. Through a school program providing childcare, credits and moral support, she graduated and is moving on with her life.

  • School or Survival?

    Rebecca Plevin

    Geronimo Garcia was on the path to dropping out by the time he started kindergarten. He followed his brothers into drugs and gangs. He knows if he doesn’t change his life, he will end up in jail or dead. But it’s hard to break those chains.

  • Family First

    Steve Milne

    Roosevelt Webb had no choice but to drop out of high school. His father was dying. A friend told Roosevelt about a charter school where he’d get paid to learn a skill while completing his credits. He’d be the first in his family to earn a diploma.

  • Building Futures

    Andrew Nixon

    Gina Vongkaeo's future wasn't looking very bright. She dropped out of high school, got in trouble and was serving time for burglary. Despite her mistakes, she didn't give up on herself. She found the support she needed to turn her life around.


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