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Friday, February 28, 2014 Permalink

Black History Month Special

African American history as told by the people who were there. Selections on the theme of Black History as taken from the BBC World Service program 'Witness.'
Six stories will be featured over the hour. We'll hear from Clarence Norris, the daughter of one of the Scottsboro boys, about the wrongful conviction against her father. Steve Binder, the producer of a NBC special starring Petula Clark and Harry Belafonte, chronicles the time when Clark became the first white woman to touch a black man on US television.
British singer Petula Clark and American singer Harry Belafonte rehearse for a forthcoming in New York, N.Y., on March 7, 1968. (AP Photo)
Lee Elder, the first African American to play in the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, discusses the rapturous reception he received at the club. Roberto Benazzi talks about his friend John Howard Griffin, a white journalist who attempted to change the color of his skin to experience life as an African American in the early 1960s. Rodney King will explore the infamous LA riots after the police officers who beat him were acquitted. And Beverly Johnson, the first African American to appear on the cover of Vogue Magazine, talks about the barriers put in front of her, both professionally and personally.
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