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Friday, September 19, 2014 Permalink

Science Friday: Climate Change, Crossword Puzzles, The Human Face, Peacock Spiders, And More


The People's March Against Climate Change

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit, the People’s Climate March in New York City will bring a public voice to the climate change discussion.

‘Dr.Fill’ Vies for Crossword Solving Supremacy

A computer program named “Dr.Fill” competes against human solvers for crossword puzzle glory.

Functional Features: The Evolution of the Human Face

Human social interaction may have been the reason faces evolved to be varied and unique.


Shake Your Silk-Maker: The Dance of the Peacock Spider

With their ornately colored bodies, rhythmic pulsations, and booty-shaking dance moves, male peacock spiders attract mates and researchers alike.


Artificial Sweeteners Might Sour Your Microbiome

Researchers say artificial sweeteners may alter the microbiome and the body’s ability to control glucose levels.

Dissecting the Politics and Money Behind Health Care

In The Cost of Cutting, private practice surgeon Paul Ruggieri delves into the shadowy ways money influences health care.

Food Failures: How to Collect Mushrooms (and Eat Them, Too)

Eugenia Bone, president of the New York Mycological Society, talks about the dos and don'ts of