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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Permalink

Radiolab: Race

Great words spoken with great intentions. But what do they really mean, and where do they leave us? Our genes are nearly all the same, but that hasn't made race meaningless, or wiped out our evolving conversation about it.

Race Doesn't Exist. Or Does It?

Tony Frudakis and his company DNA Print Genomics believe they can identify hair, eye, and skin color and point to the genetic ancestry of test subjects by scanning their DNA. NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce goes to investigate, using a sample of Jad's DNA to find out what they could discover.


Race and Medicine

BiDil was the first drug approved by the FDA for a specific racial group. We want to know what the ramifications are for using skin color as a diagnostic tool for diseases and disorders that can't be seen. Producer Soren Wheeler talks to Dr. Jay Cohn, developer of BiDil 


Can You See Race?

Teacher David Sherrin presents an exercise called "Sorting People" to his 9th graders at the Facing History School. The outcome? Well, have a listen. How accurately can you guess a person's background from their appearance? Reporter Ali Abbas takes us to Baghdad, where that question has become an issue