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Race For Sacramento County District Attorney

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Beth Ruyak talks one-on-one with the candidates for Sacramento County District Attorney: Maggy Krell, Todd Leras and Anne Marie Schubert. The job hasn’t been open for twenty years and the issues include prison realignment and racial disparities. More



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Maggy Krell

Occupation: Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice
Priorities (Via SmartVoter.org): 
  • Expand the use of drug and mental health courts to get low-level offenders back on track
  • Develop partnerships to prevent youth and gang violence, as well as sexual exploitation of kids preyed on by traffickers
  • Establish a public integrity unit to build the community's trust in law enforcement and government
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Todd David Leras

Occupation: Attorney
Priorities (Via SmartVoter.org):
  • Responding to realignment by creating innovative programs for the treatment of drug abusers, low-level and first-time offenders
  • Prioritizing rare prison bed space for the most violent and predatory of offenders, such as murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and violent gang members.
  • Reinvigorating the Special Prosecution Unit to fully and objectively investigate officer involved shootings and political corruption.
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Anne Marie Schubert

Occupation: Supervising District Attorney
Priorities (Via SmartVoter.org): 
  • Protect our homes, schools and neighborhoods from crime and gangs
  • Uphold the law
  • Defend the rights of crime victims