Election 2014: City Of Sacramento

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Election Coverage:


District 3


Ellen -Cochrane -District -3
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Preserving Neighborhoods
  • Help Business Grow
  • Keep Schools Healthy
Deane -Dana -District -3
  • Occupation: Business Owner
Priorities If Elected (From SmartVoter)
  • Accountable Spending & Debt Reduction
  • Public Safety
  • Creating Quality Jobs
Efren -m .-guttierrez -District -3
Efren M. Guttierrez
  • Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Priorities If Elected (From Smartvoter)
  • Economic Development of Northgate Blvd Corridor - Jobs ..
  • Neighborhood Police Facility Re-open - "Know Your Neighbor's program.
  • Finish the DNA line - Improve Public Transportation - Air Quality
Jeff -Harris -District -3
  • Occupation: General Contractor
  • Restore City Services To Pre-Recession Levels
  • Promote Green Inflll
  • Solve Homelessness
Adam -sartain -District -3
  • Occupation: Housing Analyst
Priorities If Elected (From SmartVoter)
  • Public Safety
  • Making Sacramento a "Small-Business Friendly" City
  • Arts and Sports programs for our youth
Cyril -Shah -District -3
  • Occupation: American River Flood Control District Trustee
  • Affordable Housing
  • Creating Viable Communities
  • Parks
  • Funding For The Arts
Rosalyn -Van -Buren -District -3
  • Occupation: Children's Services Director
  • Improve Schools
  • Improve Life For Seniors, Families, Children
  • Tackle Homelessness
  • Make New Businesses Feel Welcome


District 5


0530-joseph -barry -elections -page
  • Occupation: Former employee at the California Employment Development Department

Priorities if elected:
  • To improve schools and city services
  • Supports the arena if the positive and negative impacts are shared equally throughout the city.
Ali -cooper -district -5
  • Occupation: Parent/Labor Advocate
Priorities If Elected (From SmartVoter)
  • Invest in good paying jobs, more libraries, community centers, before and after school programs.
  • Oppose Strong Mayor - Strengthen neighborhoods not shift more power to downtown insiders.
  • Stop unlimited tax give-aways to big corporations and billionaire developers.
Jay -Schenirer -District -5
Jay Schnerir (Incumbent) 
  • Occupation: Consultant/Policy advisor on education reform and youth policy
  • City Budget
  • Laws & Regulations
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Education
  • Rebuilding Community Parks & Libraries
  • Supports Downtown Arena


District 7


Julius -Cherry -District -7
  • Occupation: Attorney
Priorites/ Issues
  • Protect Taxpayers
  • Public Safety
  • Manage City Budget
  • Critical Of Downtown Arena
Rick -Jennings -District -7
  • Occupation: Nonprofit Executive Director
  • Restore Library Services
  • Strengthen Community Policing
  • Protect Small Business
  • Partner With Educators To Make Schools The Center Of Neighborhood Activity
Abe -Snobar -District -7
  • Occupation: Teacher
Priorities If Elected (From Smartvoter)
  • Economic Stability
  • Veteran's and Homeless Services
  • Growth

District Map

City Council -District -Candidates




Should library services for all City residents including children, teens, adults and seniors, be preserved, including after-school reading programs, homework assistance, library operating hours, 24/7 online access, programs for seniors, and other services, by enacting a new $12 per year single family residential parcel tax for 12 years, and specified amounts for other uses, adjusted for inflation, that the State cannot take, with independent financial audits to ensure funds are spent only on City of Sacramento libraries?