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To Save These Pigs, Ky. Farmer Says We Have To Eat Them

Travis Hood is raising a rare species of pig called the Red Wattle. He's part of a small but growing movement across the country to hold on to biodiversity and save heritage breeds.

Company Says It Can Cure Your Hangover – For Up To $300 A Visit

People waking up with a hangover often say they'd pretty much give anything to make it go away — which may explain why a new company promising to do just that is thriving in New York.

Arkansas Razorbacks Trademark Famous Hog Call

The famous hog call chanted by fans of the sports teams of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks is now a registered trademark owned by the school.

Report Of Expired Meat Sparks Food Safety Scare In China

Some American fast-food restaurants in China have stopped using meat from a supplier in Shanghai after reports that it was selling expired beef and chicken.

How Many Frequent Flyer Miles Can You Get With A $36M Charge?

Last spring a man bought an ancient Chinese ceramic cup, sold by Sotheby's Hong Kong. The price: $36 million. But because of currency rules, he paid with his American Express card.

Israelis Shaken Over Deaths Of Soldiers

In one Jerusalem suburb, some Israelis wonder whether the ground invasion will achieve the results they are looking for.

After An Ultimatum, Christians Flee Iraqi City

For the first time since the first century, there are basically no Christians left in the historic Iraqi city of Mosul.

International Observers Work To Keep Tabs On Site Of Malaysia Jet Crash

At the crash site of the Malaysia Airlines jet in eastern Ukraine, international observers are trying to keep tabs on the rebels' treatment of victims' bodies and potential evidence from the scene.

Legal Battle Looms Over Florida Congressional Districts

A judge ruled that maps for two congressional districts were drawn in a way that violates the state constitution. But can maps be redrawn in time for the midterm election three months away?

White House Faces Foreign Crises On Multiple Fronts

NPR's Cokie Roberts and Ari Shapiro, and Fiona Hill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, discuss the shooting down of a passenger jet in Ukraine and the Israeli military invasion of Gaza.

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