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Documentary Explores 'The End Of Meat' At 5th Annual Animal Film Festival

Marc Pierschell / Courtesy

Marc Pierschell / Courtesy

The fifth annual Animal Film Festival returns to the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley this weekend. Presented by the Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE), the film festival delivers documentaries, comedies and independent films by emerging artists on a wide variety of topics connected to animal welfare.

Filmmaker Marc Pierschel shares his documentary feature "The End of Meat." He also discusses the history of a plant-based diet in Germany and the future of cultured meat. 

"The End of Meat" will screen at the Guild Theater (2828 35th Street, Sacramento) tonight from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. in Sacramento.


The 22 Official Selections for the 2018 Animal Film Festival are:

  • “A Horse, A Convict, A Chance for Change” (Autumn Payne, USA)
  • “The Invisible Mammal” (Kristin Tieche, USA)
  • “Dogs, Cats, and Scapegoats” (Hugh Dorigo, USA)
  • “Broken Trust” (Michael Kastenbaum, USA)
  • “Verge” (Chingtien Chu, USA)
  • “Grey Future” (Tom Gough, United Kingdom)
  • “A Southern Fix” (Michael Samstag, USA)
  • “Foxed” (Dora Nightengale, United Kingdom)
  • “Killing Games” (Camilla Fox, USA)
  • “A Place in the Garden” (Christine Ciano, USA)
  • “The Profanity Peak Pack” (Brooks Fahy, USA)
  • “The Elephant in the Room” (Philippa Wilkinson, Australia)
  • “Patrik Baboumian: Built by Plants” (Jonathan Rosenberry, USA)
  • “A Day in the Wildlife: Nature Photographer” (Dustin Trayer, USA)
  • “The Walrus Whisperer” (Adrian Pop, Canada)
  • “Tainted Love” (Eleanor Paish, United Kingdom)
  • “Korean Dog Meat Expose” (James Hyams, South Korea)
  • “Drones Expose the Milk Industry” (Mark Devries, USA)
  • “Can Dogs Be Vegan” (Asher Brown, USA)
  • “Alena & Gizmo” (Chee-Wei Tay, USA)
  • “It’s a Potcake Life” (Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro, USA)
  • “The St. Louis Six,” (Joey Julius, USA)

 Grass ValleyAnimal Film Festival

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

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