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Ross Hammond Flies With Family On 'Riding Dragons In Winter'

Courtesy of Ross Hammond

Courtesy of Ross Hammond

Sacramento based guitarist Ross Hammond released a new record called “Riding Dragons in Winter” last week. He plays songs dedicated to his wife and daughter on steel and resonator guitars in his signature style of Appalachian raga blues. He finds muse in the everyday joys of being a husband and father and journeyman DIY solo artist.

Ross Hammond stopped by the Insight studio in November before his first solo show at The Sofia to talk with Insight host Randol White about the new album.

Ross on the album title “Riding Dragons In Winter” and cover illustration:

"It's a fantasy I have, I feel like I live with two very adventurous women, my wife and daughter. The cover of the record is the two of them riding a dragon, and my daughter has her sword out and she's ready to conquer the world. My wife is kind of in on it, holding her just to make sure she doesn't fall off her dragon. My friend Bobby Podesta, a friend of mine from high school who's actually works at Pixar now, he drew that for me. It just totally perfectly captures the metaphor. I think of where we are right now, in terms of childhood and being parents, and trying to raise a little action hero but also trying to make sure ... like, don't fall off the dragon while you're doing it!'"

You can find upcoming shows for Ross Hammond on his events page.

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