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PRVLGS 'Lift' Up Fellow Sacramento Musicians

Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio

Melissa Garcia, Omar Gonzalez-Barajas and Zach Hake of PRVLGS perform on Insight With Beth Ruyak.

Cody Drabble / Capital Public Radio

PRVLGS stand at the center of the Sacramento music scene. The psychedelic rock and hip hop driven band have performed with a diverse array of artists like DLRN, The Philharmonik, SUNMONKS, Petaluma, LaTour, and anyone else who needs a top-flight band to enhance their live set

"'The Backing Band' is kind of a dirty word to us," says Zach Hake, who plays guitar and keyboard for PRVLGS and Separate Spines. "We have all this original music that we want to share."

"We're just professionals," says drummer Omar Gonzalez-Barajas. "We try to learn the sets and bring quality to the live performance because it's a reflection of us as well."

"I think it's quite flattering to have these really talented musicians come to us and want us to improve their live set, which is already fantastic as it is," says bassist Melissa Garcia, who also plays drums in Petaluma. "It's really an honor, but at the same time we do have our own music."

"It all kind of feeds back into PRVLGS, I learn a lot of different things working with different artists," says Hake. "You take that back to your own project, and it adds another dimension to it."

Their 2015 debut release "The Common Language E.P." was selected as the soundtrack for Capital Public Radio's "The View From Here: Place And Privilege" documentary and podcast series on the affordable housing crisis in California.

PRVLGS stopped by the Insight studio to perform their new single "Lift" and "Math Bossa" from their new album, due out in 2018.

You can see PRVLGS perform with DLRN at Momo Sacramento in Sacramento on Dec. 3.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Cody Drabble

Insight Producer and On-Air Director

Cody Drabble learned to love public radio growing up in San Francisco with KQED on every morning during breakfast. In addition to producing and directing the live broadcast of Insight each morning, he also fills in as guest host for Beth Ruyak.   Read Full Bio 

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