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Electric Christmas Rundown: Reasons To Go In Videos


Radio 94.7's Electric Christmas is scheduled for Dec. 10 at Sleep Train Arena. If you listen to the station you'll be plenty familiar with the acts, but here are our highlights.



Vance Joy's Riptide Is Impossibly Fun


When this song comes on the radio I can't help but feel happy; that kind of driving around on a summer afternoon with good friends and places to be happy. 



You Can Relive A Little Of The 90s With Bush

Everyone loves a little nostalgia, right? Also maybe Gwen Stafani will be there.



Dancing To The Fits & The Tantrums Is Easy

This indie-elctro group has a healthy dose of bizarre and quirky paired with catchy melodies. Dancing to this music is a piece of cake, just throw your arms around and you'll fit right in.


Young The Giant Is Hella Chill

Seriously, these Irivine-based indie rockers know how to to belt out emotional ballads with a rock 'n' roll feel all without breaking a sweat.


Big Data Has A Plan For Us

Dangerous is pure funky, groovy, electro-pop fun with a crazy video to match. They've got a plan, just sit back and enjoy the ride... warning, it's probably not safe. 

Billed as "a paranoid electronic music project from the Internet, helmed by producer, Alan Wilkis." Seems legit to me.



Melody Stone

Former Interactive Producer

After working in newspapers and doing print journalism for years, Melody transitioned into digital marketing and design. With a healthy blend of journalistic and digital media skills she builds out interactive web stories for Capradio.org.  Read Full Bio 

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