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The Guest List: Ngaio Bealum


Meet Ngaio Bealum (Ngaio420 on every social media network ever). He's a Sacramento comic, Sac News & Review columnist and knows more than or two about music. From Peru to Oakland, from miners to post-punk artists, Ngaio brings us disco funk and country. Hit the play button at the top for the full conversation and music. If you just want to jump track to track check the player below. This segment debuted during Blue Dog Jam back in May.

The Guest List - Ngaio Bealum:



1) Los Mirlos - "Sonido Amazonico" - The Roots of Chicha
2) Gretchen Peters - "Hello Cruel World" - Hello Cruel World
3) The Talking Heads - "Life During Wartime (Live)" - Stop Making Sense
4) The Coup - "The Magic Clap" - Sorry To Bother You
5) Foxy - "Get Off" - Get Off / Hot Numbers


"Maybe I can get my thoughts provoked while I'm shakin' my ass." Ngaio on consious thought in pop music.

Bealum's Backstory

He hosts a monthly show at The Momo Lounge, put out a CD and has made several appearances on The Sarah Silverman Program. As his moniker suggests Ngaio knows from weed. He’s made something of a career of it. Type N-G-A-I-O into any search engine, you're bombarded with videos of him performing Festivals/Protestivals all over the country.

He’s part of a crop of talent that cut their teeth in SF. Comics like Brian Posehn, Greg Proops and Patton Oswalt are all in his circle. Ngaio stands shoulder to shoulder with Doug Benson in the weed comedy subgenre.  In the video below he sits shoulder to shoulder with him. 

If you have qualms about pot and/or drug use, the video below is full of that stuff.

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