My Classical Moment

Everyone who loves classical music has a story to share about its importance in their lives. We invited CapRadio listeners to submit some of their favorites.

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Debby McClatchy's Classical Moment

My father was from a pioneering California Gold Rush family and my mother was a seamstress from Tennessee. Their marriage was not happily accepted by my father's relations.
When I was 14 my paternal grandmother paid for me to go to a San Francisco Symphony Youth Appreciation concert. Afterwards, waiting to be picked up, I remember being exhilarated by the music and instruments, starting a lifelong love of clasical music. 

Meanwhile, over at the courthouse, there was a group of adults marching around, chanting and carrying signs. I walked over and was immediately swept up in the crowd.
Firetrucks then arrived and hosed us down the steps! It was only later that I found I had been part of the demonstration against the UnAmerican Activities procedures. It was a day I will never forget.

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