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Bryon Steiner's Classical Moment


About two years ago, at age 38, I made the decision to learn the "language" of music. I realized it would be a lot of work at first just like learning any other language. I knew I'd have to give up some of my time if I was going to study and practice every day. What I didn't know was how enriched my life would be once I became a musician.

Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me that if I really wanted to excel, then I needed to study Classical and Jazz. I never listened to either of those styles before. Anyway, one day, I started moving the radio dial to find something new. That’s when I found Cap Radio. It was just what I was looking for Classical and Jazz on the same station! Since then, that's pretty much all I listen to, and I have even become a Cap Radio Member.

In my quest to learn these two styles of music, I recently started playing the string bass. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine who is a cellist invited me to one of her orchestral concerts. I had never heard an orchestra in person before, so I thought it would be nice to go and show my support. Plus, the featured soloist was a string bassist!

I invited my parents, who also were not into orchestral music, and to my surprise, they agreed to go with me. As the music played, the three of us were simply blown away. After the concert, my parents kept saying, "That was awesome! When is the next concert?"

That was definitely our Classical Moment.

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