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July 2017 book selection

The Lost Letter

by Jillian Cantor


Posts About The Lost Letter 

June 28, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

How many of us collected stamps as children? The art of engraving stamps, is just that, an art.  It also can be, at the right time, a life saver.  Our July selection for CapRadio Reads is Jillian Cantor's new book The Lost Letter.  Starting out in 1938, a particularly terrible part of the history of Austria, we meet Kristoff, an 18 year old apprentice to Frederick Faber, a Jewish stamp engraver. Kristoff is welcomed into the Faber family and forms a very special bond with them.  As the year goes on, the threat from the Nazi's becomes more real and more dangerous.  The engraving art becomes a life line for Jews trying to flee the country.  Our story really begins with this.  Please join us to discuss this wonderfully researched and written novel, Tuesday, July 11 at either 2pm or 6pm.

June 21, 2017 | Vicki Lorini

When Jillian Cantor sets about writing a novel, she first puts hours and days into researching her subject.  This was evident in her novel, The Hours Count, which we read last year.  Her new novel, The Lost Letter has required even more exacting research.  This time we are taken to Austria, in 1938, just after Kristalnacht.  Along with the atrocities of the Nazi's we also learn a bit about stamp engraving and how it relates to the forging of "papers" by the resistance.  We are introduced to sympathetic characters and a very interesting storyline that will cover more than 40 years.  Please join us on July 11th at either 2pm or 6pm in our Community Room for a face to face conversation about this interesting book.

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