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CapRadio's Great Question! is where we invite you to be part of the reporting process. All we need from you is your curiosity about our region.

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Which Question About Transportation In The Sacramento Region Should We Investigate Next?

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Cars drive on Highway 50 in Sacramento.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Over the last few months, we’ve been asking for your questions about the region as a part of our Great Question! series.

It turns out you are curious about a lot: We’ve received questions about everything from Sacramento’s trees to SMF’s airport code.

Now, we’re turning to you to help us decide which question we should answer next with our first voting round!

Voting rounds are just another way for you to have a say in choosing the stories we tell. They’re a chance for you to see what other members of your community are interested in, and let us know what issues are most important to you.

Sometimes we’ll group questions into themes. Other times, the rounds will just include questions that piqued the interest of our reporters and editors. Every time, you decide what we investigate next.

To kick things off, we’ve chosen three questions about transportation, something a lot of people were curious about. Whichever question gets the most votes will be assigned to our reporter and All Things Considered anchor Randol White. He’ll work with the question-asker and experts to find the answer over the next few weeks, and then we’ll share what he learns.

We’ve already learned a ton by answering your great questions (did you know Sacramento has more trees per capita than Paris?), and we’re excited to see where your curiosity leads us next.

Cast your vote below!

Kacey Gardner

Interactive Producer

Kacey joined Capital Public Radio as an interactive producer in January 2018. Before CapRadio, she worked as the communications coordinator for North State Public Radio in Chico, CA. She studied journalism at California State University, Chico.  Read Full Bio 

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