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Will You Be My Individual Man-Date? And Other Health Policy Valentines

“Roses are red, candy is sweet, health policy discussions don’t fit on a Tweet.”

That’s the challenge for health policy nerds everywhere this week - get all of your feelings about rising premium costs, dwindling research funds and other complex health developments onto the Internet in 280 characters or less.

The Twitter call-out comes from The Health Society, a D.C.-based networking group for young policy professionals. They’re offering a Starbucks gift card to whoever produces the “nerdiest” Tweets with the hashtag #healthpolicyvalentines.

The thread has been hopping since Monday, with dozens of lawmakers, top health care officials, scholars and patients posting haikus and limericks each hour.

Most of them are silly:

Many touch on current events. Like this one about changes to the 340B drug pricing program that could block hospitals from drug discounts for Medi-Cal patients.

Or this one about the Children’s Health Insurance Program that almost disappeared last year:

And don’t forget the commentary on California’s push for an alternative health care system:

Some come with pictures:

Others come with warnings:

So if you want to get up to speed about goings-on in health care, take a scroll through the thread. You might even get inspired to pen your own passion poem.

Here’s ours:

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