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Marchers Call For End To Hate Stickers Seen Throughout Turlock

Rich Ibarra / Capital Public Radio

Rich Ibarra / Capital Public Radio

Marchers walked into Turlock’s City Council meeting calling for an end to hate stickers found throughout the city. Hundreds of stickers have been posted that target immigrants.

The Coalition Against Hate removed over 200 stickers from stop signs and other city property, and the police department removed dozens more since they started appearing in September. 

Coalition member Cathy Doo says some of the stickers promote the Alt-Right movement or say Equality is a False God. She says they're asking the city council to do more.

“This flier says “No Means No” and on the very bottom it says “# My Borders My Choice” and this is anti-immigrant obviously but it’s also very subtly pro-white,” Doo said.  

Coalition member Danielle Reyes says some of the stickers are a warning against immigrants. 

“You are not Turlock, we don’t want you here. Go back to where you came from because you are scum. It’s not freedom of speech when you’re putting it on city property. Not in my city, not in my town,” Reyes said.  

Police Chief Nino Amirfar says officers are looking for those responsible. 

“These stickers are inappropriate, they’re illegal to post them and we will cite those individuals,” Amirfar said.  

The Coalition members say the city and Stanislaus State need to do more to address the problem.

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