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Drivers Deal With First Day Of Gas Tax Increase

Luke Jones / Flickr

Luke Jones / Flickr

If it feels like gas prices are up, it’s not just you. California raised its tax on fuel by 12 cents per gallon—and 20 cents for diesel, and many drivers aren’t thrilled with the increase.

At a gas station near I-80 in Berkeley, fuel prices jumped 10 cents a gallon overnight, to around $3.10.

Sandy Sims says she wants to just stop buying gas.

“As soon as I have the opportunity, I’m going to get a electric car. So hopefully I won’t have to deal with it that long,” Sims said.  

Then there was 86 year old Liz Council. She’s trying to get by filling the tank of her old red Honda once a month.

“I am on a limited income. And the rent—and I am a renter, in Berkeley, so that’s a lot of money,” Council said. 

State transportation officials say the increase is necessary to fix billions of dollars worth of crumbling roads and bridges. Already, the expected cash has let them green-light repairs around the state, like resurfacing a six mile stretch of Interstate 5 near downtown Los Angeles.

Even so, catching up on the backlog of needed roadwork is expected to take the next several years.

Daniel Potter


Daniel Potter started out as an intern at Nashville Public Radio, where he worked as a general assignment reporter for six years, covering everything from tornadoes to the statehouse.   Read Full Bio 

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