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Steyer Releases Ad Calling For Trump's Impeachment

Silicon Valley billionaire Tom Steyer is dumping at least $10 million into a national advertising campaign calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

In the ad released Friday, Steyer speaks directly to the camera and says Trump has edged the country toward nuclear war, obstructed justice at the FBI and threatened to shut down news organizations.

"A Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less, yet today people in Congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons and they do nothing," Steyer says in the ad.

While a handful of Democrats in Congress have pushed for impeachment, others believe such an effort is ill-advised because it would fail in a Republican controlled Congress and could energize the GOP.

Steyer has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a number of offices in California, including Diane Feinstein's Senate seat. Earlier this week, California State senate Leader Kevin de Leon announced he'll challenge Feinstein. De Leon has also called for Trump's impeachment.

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