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City Of Sacramento To Ban Bicycle-Riding On Some Sidewalks

Certain sidewalks in the City of Sacramento will be off limits to bicycles later this year.

It may come as a surprise to some people that it's currently legal to ride a bicycle on any sidewalk in the City of Sacramento.

But, based on an ordinance passed last summer by the city council, that could change as early as this fall.

Jennifer Donlon Wyant with the City says the goal is to increase safety for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Sidewalks are being studied to determine which ones see the most foot traffic and have incidents of bicycle-pedestrian collisions.

But also part of the consideration process is whether cyclists have a safe alternative on the street.

Donlon Wyant says once police start enforcing the new rules, first-time offenders have a creative way to clear their record.

"We offer a free class to anybody and everybody, once a month," Donlon Wyant says. "But, if you get cited, you can come to this class and the fine for the citation will be waived, and you spend an hour and a half in class learning about your rights and responsibilities for biking in the city."

The city will present the sidewalk plan to bicycle advocacy groups prior to the enforcement roll-out.

Donlon Wyant says it will be clear when and where the rules will go into effect.

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