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Recreational Marijuana Sales Start In Nevada


Nevadans and tourists there don’t need a medical marijuana card anymore. They started buying pot on Saturday just for fun. But that fun may be short-lived. 

More than 300 people wrapped around the massive Reef dispensary a few blocks from the Las Vegas strip. Deisy Zarate is excited because she can nix her drug dealer now.

“You know and he is not always, you know like, consistent,” says Zarate.

Nevada is the seventh state to legalize recreational marijuana. Adam Sturgeon says states are blazing a trail.

He says, “The federal government will catch up I guess.”

Under whirling spotlights and smoke at midnight the happy crowd bought pot. Blazing a trail is not without bumps.

"All I want is my weed," says Sturgeon.

53-year-old Steve Evans was first in line and waited four hours, because he sees those bumps coming and wants to stockpile.

“I don’t think their supply is going to hold up,” says Evans. 

Brianna Zemel is Assistant Manager at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in North Las Vegas.

“We will at least have product through the week and we will see how it goes from there,” says Zemel.

People waited for four hours, and bought four times as much pot as is usually sold for medicinal purposes. Prices rose 30 percent overnight.

Tim Conder owns Blackbird, which brings pot to dispensaries. He thinks some will begin to run out by July 5.

"I would say they should be worried,” says Conder. “I might have a $100 bet going.”

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