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Teenage Daredevils Who Climbed Golden Gate Bridge Prompt Security Evaluations


A security evaluation of the Golden Gate Bridge will be conducted after two teenage daredevils made their way to the top of one tower without being detected.

A video on social media shows two 18-year-olds from Wisconsin running up the bridge's frame. At one point they do backflips and somersaults and hang off the side ... no net, no harness ... more than 700 feet in the air.

Golden Gate Bridge General Manager Dennis Mulligan says the bridge's security systems are there to keep people from damaging the structure.

"Our systems were not designed to protect against a reckless individual climbing without any fall protection, any harnesses or anything, who's physically adroit, and in an area where they cannot harm the bridge," Mulligan says. "These individuals could have harmed themselves and fortunately, they did not harm any motorists below them because they could have slipped and fallen and landed on someone below them."

Mulligan says he's known about the incident for more than a week but didn't acknowledge for fear it could inspire copycats.

The climbers have been identified but not charged with trespassing on the bridge. If charged they could face a year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Drew Sandsor

Senior Producer, News

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