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Mapping Tool For Tracking Yosemite National Park Bears Released

Drew Wharton / WhartonMedia.com / KeepBearsWild.org

Drew Wharton / WhartonMedia.com / KeepBearsWild.org

A mapping tool to track the bears of Yosemite National Park is now available to the general public.

The Yosemite Conservancy released its online, interactive Keep Bears Wild map on Monday.

The tool shows where bears have been hit by cars, specific case studies, and delayed GPS points showing where the bears are roaming as they constantly search for food.

Clicking on an individual bear gives you a path outline of its travels over the past month.

The delay function keeps visitors from getting too close to the bears.

Jennifer Miller is with the Conservancy and says the tracking information helps protect the animals.

"The bear managers in the park are looking at the data in real time, so they're able to see where a bear is moving -- if it's getting too close to a campground or to a road -- and they're able to help divert the bear and move it to a safer location," says Miller.

Miller says only a fraction of the bears show up on the map currently as most are still hibernating.

Later this year, there should be some 20 active tagged bears on the map, of the 300 to 500 estimated in the park.

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