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Sacramento Police Release Armani Lee Shooting Video

The Sacramento Police Department has released dash cam videos from the aftermath of officers shooting a man on Del Paso Boulevard last month.

The videos do not show the shooting itself, because none of the officers started their dash cameras until after the man was shot.

There is footage from responding officers, who started their video cameras after the shots were fired.

"Unit 40 Hold. Hold. Unit 40. Shots fired. Del Paso. Shots fired," one officer can be heard saying at about 2:00 p.m. February 10.

Three officers fired their service weapons during what the department is calling "an armed encounter" with Armani Lee near the intersection of Del Paso Boulevard and Land Avenue.

Matthew McPhail is a spokesman for the department.

He says undercover officers had been staking out Lee to arrest him for a February 4 shooting in north Sacramento. McPhail says the undercover officers --who do not typically have in-car cameras-- gave the order to uniformed officers to arrest the suspect.

McPhail says Lee spotted the marked vehicles and began shooting at them before they had a chance to hit record on their cameras.  

The department released audio from calls to dispatch, in-car camera videos, and a photograph of a weapon recovered at the scene.

Names, addresses, and phone numbers have been redacted from the recordings and images of the people involved have been blurred.

None of the officers had been issued body cameras.

Last week, the Sacramento City Council denied a department request to keep the videos from public view.

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