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CA Senator Pushes For Health Warnings On Sugary Beverages

Vox Efx / Flickr

Vox Efx / Flickr

A state senator is again pushing for health warning labels on cans and bottles of soda, sports drinks and other sugary beverages sold in California.

Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) has tried twice before to require warning labels on beverages like soda, sports drinks and sugary teas sold in California.

"So people say, 'Well, why are you doing this again? You've failed twice.'," says Monning. "As long as this public health epidemic exists, we owe it to our constituents, [and] we owe it to families in this state to try to make a difference." 

Monning cites problems such as obesity, diabetes and tooth decay as some of the reasons behind the push, and says that such problems are hardly going away.

Under a bill in the California Legislature, the labels on sugary drinks would have to warn consumers that they cause health problems.

The American Beverage Association notes in a statement that bottles and cans already come with calorie labels. The association argues that "misleading" warnings will do little to solve real public health challenges. 

Daniel Potter


Daniel Potter started out as an intern at Nashville Public Radio, where he worked as a general assignment reporter for six years, covering everything from tornadoes to the statehouse.   Read Full Bio 

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