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Levee Managers: Need Five Miles Of Repairs To Feather River


A state management and local reclamation district in Yuba City says repairs are required to Feather River levees as they connect to the Highway 99 bridge.

Last week the districts asked the Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency for help.

Mike Inamine is with the agency. It paid $5 million for work on two miles of levees, but does not have the money required for the next five miles.

"This reach is pretty important to evacuation routes, to normal travel. So, that's a reach of levee that requires some protection," he says.

Rock trucks have been making deliveries around the clock since Friday to shore up the two-mile section of levee. The work should be completed tomorrow.

Inamine hopes the Army Corps of Engineers will take over the next five miles.

"That 'normal' high-water event always causes distress in these levees that were constructed by pioneer farmers 150 years ago and they only get worse over time," he says.

High water has been up against the levees for two weeks and has been seeping through into farmland and orchards.

Inamine says the State of California has promised to reimburse the Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency for the expense of the current project.

The agency is also monitoring seepage at the Tenth Street Bridge in Yuba City.

Inamine says the seepage is not serious, but that a slurry wall installed there is not behaving as it should.

Bob Moffitt

Sacramento Region Reporter

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