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McClintock Supports Trump Travel Order But Calls Rollout A “Snafu”

Northern California Congressman Tom McClintock says two people in his district have asked for help after President Donald Trump's order restricted travel from seven countries last week.

"One was the mother-in-law of an American legal resident who is planning to travel to the United States February the 4th," says McClintock. "The good news is there's ample provision for waivers. I think that that's being implemented now. My understanding is there have been 800 or so waivers granted in the last 24 hours." 

McClintock says he agrees with Trump's order that delays some people from entering the country and prevents any Syrian refugees from entering indefinitely.

The Republican congressman calls the order a temporary, "stopgap" measure because of flaws in the screening process under the previous administration.

"The vetting was very haphazard. In many cases, we simply accepted the word of applicants."

McClintock says the order was "rolled out poorly" but he expects future orders from the President to be enacted more smoothly once Trump's cabinet is in place.

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