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Stockton Mayor Introduces High School Students To Scholarship App


Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs is helping Stockton high school students have a better chance to find college aid.

A phone app is being given free to students to help them find scholarships to pay their way.

“Selfishly the success of this city predicated on you all,” says Tubbs.

Mayor Michael Tubbs is addresses about 50 juniors and seniors at Franklin High School in Stockton.

Working in partnership with the Stockton Unified School District, Tubbs is paying for the Scholly phone app that shows students the scholarships for which they qualify.

“So, this is really just an investment in the future of the city, right? If each and every one of you are successful, whether it’s college, 2 year, 4 year, or a career then each and every one of you is successful, the city is successful,” says Tubbs.

Stockton Unified has about 2,000 seniors that can download the app, and Cesar Ramirez is one of them.

“And you guys are providing us with an opportunity to make it easier to gain that knowledge through like scholarships. I appreciate it greatly, applause,” says Ramirez.

Tubbs himself graduated from Franklin High and went on to Stanford with a full scholarship, and now he’s paying it forward.

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