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Calif. Secretary of State: Election Fraud “Nearly Non-Existent”


California Secretary of State Alex Padilla says federal and state election databases have limited the number of incidents of voter fraud to almost zero.

He says the "Vote Cal" state registration database and the federal "Electronic Information Center" compare names, addresses, drivers' license numbers and/or social security cards for all 19 million registered voters in California.

"Are there cases of either false registration or impersonation at the polls? There are a handful of cases over time," says Padilla. "But, it's nearly non-existent. So, we believe that the protocols and protections in place are absolutely working."

Either a driver's license or social security card is usually used to register.

However, you can register to vote without either one. You would be required to present some form of identification at the polling place. 

Padilla says an undocumented immigrant is allowed to have a driver's license, but may not use that license to register to vote.

"Rest assured, protocols are in place that do not afford a registration opportunity for AB 60 license holders to register to vote," says Padilla.

In the most recent election, 14.6 million Californians voted, which was 1.3 million more than the 2012 turnout.

More than a million new voters went to the polls this past November compared to the previous presidential election.

President Donald Trump says he believes there was voter fraud in the state and has promised an investigation.

Between 1994 and 2012, the Secretary of State's investigative unit achieved 34 convictions for fraudulent voting, double voting, and voting by someone who is not a citizen.

Bob Moffitt

Sacramento Region Reporter

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