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Govonor Brown Asks President Obama To Permanently Ban New Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling


California Gov. Jerry Brown is calling on President Barack Obama to permanently ban new offshore oil and gas drilling in the state.

Brown said in a letter sent to the president Tuesday that allowing new drilling would be inconsistent with goals of reducing reliance on fossil fuels and combating climate change.

Brown says there are many questions about potential environmental policies under a Trump administration, but he says he can't worry about that.

"So, I'm not waiting for what Washington may or may not do," Brown says. "I'm doing whatever I can through the resources of California, and any other state, or province, or country, that will join with us, whether it's China, Quebec, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, whomever."

A temporary oil drilling ban in California, Oregon and Washington expires in 2022.

Brown says he doesn't know if President-elect Trump would have the authority to overturn a permanent ban.

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