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Transportation Infrastructure One Of Few Issues Where California Democrats Align With Trump Administration

Ben Alman / Flickr

Ben Alman / Flickr

California's Democratic leaders have vowed to fight President-elect Trump on healthcare, immigration and the environment. But there’s one issue where both sides seem to agree, and could soon act.

California’s governor and top lawmakers say transportation infrastructure will be a priority early next year. It’s also expected to be one of Trump’s first policy proposals. 

Michael Quigley is part of a group lobbying for transportation spending at the state capitol. 

“We’re coming up on a moment in time here where infrastructure is becoming sexy again,” says Quigley.
He also says the state has tens of billions of dollars worth of backlogged projects, from congested bottlenecks to crumbling bridges – and potholes, potholes everywhere. 
“If you wanna make inroads in growing the economy, especially amongst the middle class, one of the best ways to do that is to invest in transportation infrastructure,” says Quigley.
“We’re going to see a real challenge when we get into the details of how to spend the money,” says UC Davis professor Daniel Sperling.
He also says infrastructure stands to benefit as politicians search for common ground, particularly when it comes to things like roads near ports frequented by heavy trucks. But when Trump talks about a trillion dollar spending plan, Sperling says it’s not clear where that trillion will come from.

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