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Sacramentans Take To The Streets Protesting Trump's Win


Protests have sprung up in cities across the country after Donald Trump’s election Tuesday, and that includes Sacramento. Hundreds of people marched downtown in a rowdy, but nonviolent protest last night.

They spread out across 10th Street in front of the State Capitol, chanting in opposition against the new Republican president-elect.

Police blocked traffic and the entrances to the Capitol, but allowed the protestors to speak, chant, and march the streets from the Capitol to the federal courthouse.

The protest was organized by the Answer Coalition, which stands for "Act Now to End War and Racism." The group’s Demond Richardson thinks Trump’s presidency could embolden police violence.

"People need to organize. People need to start, join parties, start a party," says Richardson. "Have some kind of base they can go to, so when police brutality happens, when sexism happens, we can automatically start fighting."

The crowd grew as people marched.

"It was just like a snowball effect," says state worker, Matt Williams.

He decided to take part in the demostration after seeing a post on Facebook Tuesday night. 

"This is just catharsis," Williams says. "This is just an expression of the fear, and anger and disbelief and sadness that all of us are feeling right now."

Hundreds chanted, and shouted epithets unfit for print, but the protest remained peaceful.

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