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Michael Tubbs Holds Huge Lead In Stockton Mayor's Race


11 p.m.: Michael Tubbs Holds Huge Lead In Stockton Mayor's Race

It looks like Stockton will have a new Mayor judging by early returns.

Michael Tubbs spoke to supporters after early returns gave him a huge lead in the Stockton Mayor's race against incumbent Anthony Silva.

"It's an invitation to believe again, I know talking to folks throughout the city, people have lost hope, in themselves, in government, in city hall," he says. " This is an invitation to believe again. Stockton, number 1, thank you, number 2, great job, and number 3, let's get to work."

Tubbs, a member of the city council, has held a 40 point lead for most of the night.

Silva was likely hurt by his arrest for allegedly secretly taping counselors at a summer camp he runs playing a game of strip poker. He's accused of making the recording without their knowledge...he's also accused of providing them alcohol...Silva has pleaded not guilty to the charges

Sacramento County's Measure B, Measure G Up In Votes

Sacramento city and county have three measures.

Measure B would levy a half cent sales tax for road and transit projects in the County. Right now it has 65.81 percent. It requires 66.66 percent to pass.

Measure G would levy a $75 tax on land parcels for school construction and program funding. It is passing 62.59 to 37.41 percent.

Measure L would create a commission that would take the authority to draw city council districts away from city council members. It needs 55 percent to pass. It's falling short with 53.26 percent support.


San Joaquin County voters in Stockton are deciding on a Mayor Tuesday. The city of Stockton will also decide on two Measures related to the cannabis industry. In Stanilaus County, voters are looking at a sales tax that would be used for transportation projects. 

Results can be found below: 

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