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Contentious 10th Congressional Race During This Year's Election


One of the most contentious congressional races this election has been in California's Central Valley. The names of the two leading Presidential candidates have appeared frequently in attack ads.

Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton and Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump have been fodder, as has Democratic House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi.

Jeff Denham is the Republican incumbent.

"It's been disappointing that rather than having a debate about the issues, it's a media war where Nancy Pelosi's spent over $7 million to try to buy a seat," says Denham. "This is the first election I've ever had where I have yet to see my opponent. I have not seen my opponent in two years at community events, at town halls. He won't debate."

Michael Eggman is the Democratic challenger. He has frequently linked Denham to Donald Trump.

"The top of the ticket is getting a lot of attention this cycle. I think that Secretary Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate we have," says Eggman. "I'm proud to vote for her, unlike Donald Trump, who I think is the most dangerous presidential candidate in the history of our country."

Eggman opposes fracking and the Keystone pipeline. Denham supports both.
Eggman says he supports citizenship for people here illegally and that the Affordable Care Act can be fixed.

Denham says the children of people here illegally should be considered for service in the U.S. Military and that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed.  

Both men are farmers and say they support new reservoir construction, a strong military, and responsible logging to thin forests.

To provide more water to farmers, Denham would rescind some environmental protections for some species of fish and their predators.

Eggman says he would like to see desalination efforts increased and irrigation systems improved.

The 10th District includes Stanislaus and southern San Joaquin County.

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