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Ami Bera, Scott Jones Attack Each Other's Character In Debate

Rep. Ami Bera (left) and Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones (right) met for their only debate Oct. 18, 2016. It was the only debate in the race for the contentious 7th Congressional District.


Democratic Congressman Ami Bera and Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones found room for agreement on some of the issues during their first and only debate for the 7th Congressional District, but also spent time attacking each other's character and who they align themselves with in the presidential race.

Sheriff Scott Jones was put on the defense at the onset of the debate, when asked about a female deputy's allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances.

"The allegations, I don't know why her value of saying them under oath is any more valuable than me denying them, under oath," says Jones.

Ami Bera also was put on the defense, having to answer questions about his father, who was sentenced to prison for election fraud in connection with his campaigns.

"I'm sad about what my father did. They did a thorough investigation. They were consistent that I was never a target of this investigation," said Bera of the investigation by the US Attorney's Office.

When the time came for the candidates to ask each other questions, Bera asked Jones who he would support for President. Jones said there would have to be a "certain amount of nose-holding" when voters head to the polls.

"We have to, in our minds, separate the character of the candidate with the policies that they will advance. And for that reason and that reason alone I've been able to overlook the character deficiencies in my candidate, Donald Trump, until recently."

Bera attacked Jones' support of Trump.

"It didn't take me a year and a half to understand Donald Trump's character did not make him fit to be President of the United States. So when he was insulting Gold Star families, a family that lost their son protecting our country, that wasn't enough? When he was making fun of disabled people, that wasn't enough?"

The two candidates did agree that changes needed to be made to Obamacare.  Both would also oppose Proposition 64, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California.

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