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McCartney Opens Golden 1 Center In Sacramento

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Paul McCartney welcomes the crowd to the new Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Steven Lundberg started playing Beatles songs hours before the concert outside the arena's east steps and collected quite a few tips.

“Big fan of the Beatles, big fan of Paul McCartney," Lundberg says. "I know a lot of Beatles songs. I thought what better place to come and play them."

East Bay residents Sandy McWilliams, Judy Bagno and Linda Beesley were ecstatic to finally see Paul McCartney for the first time.

The three friends say they have never been to a Paul McCartney concert and each paid at least $400 to see their favorite Beatle Tuesday night.

They also wore matching custom-made T-shirts and hairdos and were among dozens who arrived hours before the concert, parked at or near the arena and had dinner.

It's the scenario that city officials hoped for and planners had to prepare for.

Arena Crowd
Paul McCartney fans enter Sacramento's Golden 1 Center before his show on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Ellen Connelly's plan was more of the short-term variety. She had a sign and it says, "Need 1 ticket."

"What the story is is a Hail Mary," Connelly says. "I have no obligations tonight. So better than to stay at home and wish I was here, I might as well come on out, put up a sign and see what happens."

Shortly after, an elderly lady approached, had extra tickets and sold Ellen one for 50 bucks.

Once inside, Laura Rathe and Linda Martello checked out the arena for the first time.

Both Rathe and Martello described the space as "amazing" and "beautiful."

There was one thing amiss. Waiting in a line with a bunch of yucky old journalists to get into the building was 12 year old Tatum Verbeck from Truckee.  


1004 16 mccartney holly tatum verbeckHolly and Tatum Verbeck are Paul McCartney fans. Though Tatum didn't get to interview the music legend for a story she had planned to write, she still has quite a story to tell.  Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

"I'm here because, well, I love Paul McCartney, and I am going to write an article for American Girl Magazine," Verbeck says.

She had a pink, laminated press credential with her name and picture and she had a list of questions in her backpack. One problem: the promoters didn't accept her credential. So, she read her questions to this yucky old journalist.

"Bullying and violence and like how it has a big effect on..."

She was disappointed with the poor substitute for McCartney, but then got excited again as she and her mom Holly followed everyone else inside to enjoy the show.

Then, as luck would have it, near the end of the concert, McCartney spotted the sign Tatum was holding that read, "Will you hold my hand" and pulled Tatum and her mom onto the stage.

Not the story she went to get, but likely an entertaining one for American Girl Magazine nonetheless.

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