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Yuba City Teachers' Strike Continues Into Day 7


UPDATED: This is day seven of the Yuba City Teachers' strike. Union leaders say they have agreed to accept an 11.1 percent pay raise. But, they want the raise over two years and not three as the district has requested.

Nancy Aaberg is Superintendent of the Yuba City Unified School District. She says the district disagrees with several parts of the teacher's most recent presentation.

"It has some contingencies in there. The district has no interest in restoring strike pay by extending the school year or any other method," says Aaberg.

Striking teachers have forfeited about two percent of their wages for the year.

The district is calling on the teachers to submit a new proposal.

Union President Dina Luetgens says the teachers can only submit lists of concepts due to labor law.

"If we call it a proposal, then they are going to say, 'You're not at impasse anymore. Now you have no right to strike. This is over,'" says Luetgens.

The union has declined a request to continue negotiating with independent staff supplied by the mayor. Teachers plan to ask the school board to help end the strike in the teachers' favor tonight.

One hundred teachers crossed picket lines Thursday. That's seven more than the day before. 

About half of the 14,000 students in the district are attending classes.

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