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Travelers Still Need To Prevent Zika Infections After Coming Home

Flickr/ Mark Yokoyama

Flickr/ Mark Yokoyama

There are 170 travel related Zika virus infections in 26 California counties as of Friday, according to the California Department of Public Health.

State health officials say travelers returning to California from popular vacation destinations where Zika virus is known to be circulating still need to be vigilant once they arrive home.

Those returning to California should continue using insect repellent for three weeks to prevent the virus from spreading to mosquitoes that may go on to bite and infect others. 

Currently, there is no evidence that mosquitos in the state are carrying Zika virus, although mosquitoes that can carry the virus have been found in 12 California counties.

Officials also recommend men and women to use condoms for at least eight weeks after travel to prevent sexual transmission of the disease. Men who have tested positive for Zika virus should use condoms for six months following diagnosis.

Of the 170 cases in California, 24 of them have been confirmed in pregnant women. Earlier this month, two infants with Zika-related microcephaly have been born in California. 

Nationally, there were more than 10,200 confirmed cases of Zika virus as of August 17 and more than 1,200 pregnant women with evidence of Zika virus as of August 11.


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