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Illustrated Stories Of Mental Illness In New Art Exhibit

Diane Mintz / Courtesy

People with mental illness write stories about their experiences and Sacramento County artists create sculptures,

Diane Mintz / Courtesy

Sacramento County artists and people with mental illness are collaborating on a new exhibit this month.  

The event is called, "Journey of Hope." It features sculptures, paintings and mixed media representations of stories written by people with mental illness.
Diane Mintz is one of the authors participating. She says the event is designed to show people what's it like to have mental illness.
"They don't see that we're just real-life people that you're living amongst, managing their lives. But, they just have this challenge like someone with diabetes or cancer or whatever it is. They have different levels of struggles. Some are managing. Some are not."
She says events like these create conversations, which chip away at people's fears.
"The more we get over the stigma, the more supportive family members can be, friends can be," she says. "That's why we've been successful, I think is because we came out and people know and they support us and it's no big deal."
This is the second year for the event. It runs through August 25 at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center.
Sacramento County is hosting the event using voter-approved Proposition 63 funds. The Mental Health Services Act levies a tax of one percent on people who make more than a million dollars.

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