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Sac Metro Fire Giving Extinguisher Lessons


It may seem easy enough to operate a fire extinguisher. But Sacramento fire officials say you'd be better prepared if you've actually used one. That's why the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is offering free training.

Sac Metro Fire Captain Michelle Eidam says most people have a basic knowledge of how to use a fire extinguisher. During an actual fire, however, things can get a little more complicated.

"More than likely if you're in that situation you're going to figure it out," says Eidam. "But do you want to spend an extra 10 seconds trying to figure out how to pull the pin? And the other part of it is knowing about how far away from the fire to stand...did you know to sweep the nozzle...all the little details that are going to make you that much more effective at putting out the fire."

"It's actually a pretty cool setup because you'll walk away feeling like you know how to work a fire extinguisher and you actually do," says Eidam of the training. "If you have a small fire in your home, it's going to make all the difference if you know exactly what to do, don't have to take an extra five or ten seconds to think about what to do because you know."

Money for the training comes from a FEMA grant. Classes were held earlier this month at Cal Expo during the State Fair. The next training sessions will take place during an open house at Metro Fire Station 106 in the Arden Arcade area this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. 

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