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Some Pumps To Display Cap And Trade Costs


Next time your filling-up at the gas station, you may see a controversial new sticker on the pump that has to do with California's cap-and-trade program.

An oil industry group is sending the stickers out to gas stations. The sticker lists how much cap and trade causes gasoline prices to go up, about 10 cents. It will be placed next to other stickers that show federal, state and local sales taxes.

But state officials object.

“Well the way we see it, the compliance obligation under the cap and trade program is not a tax at all. So what they state is inaccurate," says Stanley Young with the California Air Resources Board

The oil industry and other cap and trade critics say the state's cap and trade program is an unconstitutional tax

The cap and trade system forces polluters to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or pay for carbon emission allowances at auction.

The issue is now in an appellate court. In 2013, a lower court sided with the Air Resources Board. 

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