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Local Runners Feel the Heat


Sarah Cornett | Capital Public Radio

With temperatures consistently in the hundreds this week, local athletes are finding ways to stay safe in the heat. Local runner and Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento manager Laura Langerwer, who hosts the running shop’s weekly runs, says that running during cooler parts of the day is one strategy. For long distance runners, she says this is especially important.

“Marathon and ultramarathon runners are usually wanting to get outside because the distance they need to run is not feasible on a treadmill. They’ll find a different solution like starting at four in the morning,” she says. “Getting up really early, getting in it when the air is cooler, waiting till really late in the evening to run.

While early start times can help, Langerwer says that runners should be sure to hydrate more than they would normally do, and use an electrolyte drink. Runners should be attuned to their bodies and signs of heat exhaustion.

“If the air is really bad they should probably refrain from running outside, just because the heat can really affect those folks with asthma and other breathing issues. Most people can still run, they just need to listen to their bodies.”

Outdoor athletes of all sorts are at a higher risk of heat-related illness. The CDC warns that a particularly high pulse, heavy sweating, and dizziness or nausea are signs that you should head indoors and take a break.

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