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Safe And Sane Manufacturer: Why Are Illegal Fireworks Available Online?


This post is one of a half-dozen by different people who have offered illegal fireworks for sale on craigslist this week.


As we get closer to July 4, law enforcement and legal fireworks manufacturers say it's too easy to buy illegal fireworks online.

TNT Fireworks says many people are buying m-80s, firecrackers, roman candles and bottle rockets online using sites like Craigslist.

Dennis Revell is a spokesman for TNT.

"Ask them, why they allow them to advertise on their site, why they are not exercising more responsibility for policing their content and being more proactive in guarding against this abuse."

There are more than half-a-dozen postings for illegal fireworks on Craigslist.com for the Sacramento area and northern Nevada.

Craigslist did not respond to requests for comment.

TNT launched a new smart phone application, which provides a way to email law enforcement or fire departments with names and pictures of people setting off illegal fireworks.

Law enforcement officers and fire departments say you should also call them to report firework displays that break the law.

Daniel Berlant is with CAL FIRE and described the difference between legal and illegal fireworks at a news conference Wednesday at a Sac Metro fire station.

"Illegal fireworks include sky rockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers and any other types that explode, go up in the air or move about the ground uncontrollably."

The Sacramento County Sheriff's bomb squad says you can be charged with a felony if you have  more than a pound of flash powder or if you have a firework that is designed to explode.

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office says it will prosecute anyone caught possessing or lighting illegal fireworks.

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