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Sacramento Boy Seriously Injured By Illegal Fireworks

A Sacramento boy is recovering from injuries he received from an illegal firework that exploded in his hands.

Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Michelle Eidam says the boy was holding a mortar when it went off.

"It was an eleven-year-old that was inside a vehicle," says Eidam. "When our crews arrived, he was actually lying on the parking lot on the ground. The person who called 911 stated there was a man on fire."

The boy suffered an amputation and partial amputation to parts of his hands.

Eidam says fire departments see injuries every year from illegal fireworks or unsafe handling of legal fireworks.

"The biggest things are read and follow instructions and warnings on your fireworks," says Eidam. "Alcohol should not be consumed near fireworks because obviously your judgement's impaired and you might start doing things that are what's not proper use of the fireworks."

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to light a firework. It's also illegal to sell safe-and-sane fireworks before June 28th.


Bob Moffitt

Sacramento Region Reporter

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