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Elections Page Shows Higher Number Voted Than Were Registered In Certain Parties

Sacramento County Elections Website

Sacramento County Elections Website

Update: The Sacramento County Elections Office says it has fixed an error on its website. The site now shows 200,893 people voted out of of 715,993. There are 136,632 ballots left to be counted. Most are vote-by-mail, but about 15,000 are provisional.

The Sacramento County Elections Office is working to fix an error on its website that shows 70,000 people voted who weren't registered in Tuesday's election. 

The Sacramento County Elections Office is working to fix an error on its website.

The election page says 102,940 people voted as American Independent, Green or Libertarian.

The page also says there are only 29,424 people  registered to those parties.
Jill LaVine is the Registrar of Voters. Each county ballot has two pages, or cards. One is called the A card and the other the B card. She says a coding error by the vendor Election Systems and Software is partly responsible.

"When we report an A and a B card, they sometimes count the A and the B card as two votes rather than one," says LaVine.

But, LaVine says that's only part of the problem and her office and the vendor are working to identify other factors that are causing errors to the display of party participation numbers.

An additional 23,513 people were registered Decline To State but voted Democratic.

LaVine says she has been reassured that the current count of 200,893 ballots cast and the totals in the individual races are correct.

She says election workers will begin counting more than 120,000 vote-by-mail ballots Thursday.

There are 15,000 provisional ballots that will also require processing.

Because of a new state law, ballots mailed on Tuesday will be accepted if they are received by Friday.

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