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The Good, The Bad, The Flat Out Mean Pranks Of April Fools' Day 2016

Trish / Flickr

Trish / Flickr

Once every year, the day comes when you find your socks have been replaced with gloves, your gloves replaced with oven mitts and your oven mitts in the oven instead of your dinner.

April Fools' Day presents an opportunity where year-round pranksters and annual observers of mischief come together in a battle of wits to get the last laugh.

The hype doesn't always produce results worth writing in the history book of pranks.

Below are some of the best, worst and flat out meanest prank attempts and successes in the Sacramento region and beyond.

Sac Fire took their prank game to new heights with this one.

 Meanwhile, at ABC 10 .....


There were rumors of Justin Bieber moving to Visalia and Matthew McConaughey moving to Stockton. While the buzz turned out to be false, it was enough to cause a stir.

While some were out for a good laugh, others targeted our hearts.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I write: Unseen Heroes is refocusing its efforts and moving to Arga, Kansas."


The well-known Sacramento event production agency, Unseen Heroes, announced plans to move to Arga, Kansas to create community-rich events for the town, which has a population of 259 people.

What's the reason for the move? On its website, Unseen Heroes says the group wants to see every cow to enjoy cattle runs, haystack mazes and "outdoor mooooooovies."

One huge prank fail was Google's mic-drop button on Gmail. The company placed the temporary feature, which removes the author from an email thread and sends an animated gif of a minion dropping a microphone, right next to the send button. 

Users took to the Gmail forum to say that the mic-drop button was too close to the send button and led many to click the wrong option.

Not exclusive to Sacramento, this prank caused headaches for Gmail users everywhere.

The Golden State Warriors went the mean route when team members decided to prank center Festus Ezeli by letting him think he had been dropped from the team.

A number of team members were in on it, with Andre Igoudala leading the way. Even a Lyft driver, who picked up Ezeli got in on the action. During the ride, Ezeli received a flood of condolence texts from his teammates.

You can find more pranks, both great and awry, here.

Jonathan Ayestas

Assistant Producer

Jonathan Ayestas is an assistant producer for Insight. He will be a senior at Sacramento State this fall.  Read Full Bio 

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